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Saving time with one digital entrance to all healthcare

Capio Denmark is a versatile private hospital with a wide range of medical specialties represented. With six hospitals nationwide, Capio is one of the largest private hospitals in Denmark, with the country’s largest center for advanced diagnostic imaging.

To save both patients’ and doctors’ time, Capio implemented a digital entrance for patient questions, consultations, and post-surgery video calls. Positive effects are already noted. Patients appreciate saving time traveling, and doctors express feeling less time-pressured, knowing their patient meetings are always conducted within the booked time slot.






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A digital entrance – an answer to Capio’s challenges

A general trend in society is that people are expecting more flexible and less time-consuming solutions as part of their everyday life. In line with this, Capio Denmark has experienced an expectation from patients (and clinicians) to get increased access to digital services that can be handled from anywhere, anytime.

Why Platform24?

Capio was looking for a safe and secure platform to handle virtual visits (video and chat) in combination with being able to answer practical questions in regard to bookings and visits.
Besides fulfilling these needs, they found the Platform24 solution to have features regarding RPM and triaging patient flows, giving them the possibility to enhance their value proposition for the customers in the future.

Furthermore, they selected Platform24 since the company would be able to bring competence and experience from other digital transformation projects, to help with the cultural change in the organization.

The expected improvements 
  • Improving patient satisfaction through a more flexible consultation process
  • Increasing efficiency for doctors by reducing the time spent on consultations
  • More efficient handling of patient questions, by replacing e-mail and phone calls with a chat service
  • Shorter waiting time for patients who need to contact their healthcare personnel with chat and video consultations

The solution in itself fully lives up to our expectations and especially as an ease-of-use system.

Nicolaj Bjerre Rasmusse, Digital Transformation Manager, Capio Privathospital

We are proud to be able to support and contribute to Capio’s digital transformation to become “Your trusted partner in Health.

Daniel Lillienau, CEO Platform24

Cultural change is 80% of the solution

Capio is still at the starting stage of its digital transformation journey. They are currently working on change management, which is an essential part of implementing the solution successfully. Convincing doctors that video consultations are as valid as physical services and getting the medical secretaries to see patient questions coming from digital channels as equally important to those coming from a phone call, will require more work. Capio is positive that the cultural transformation is heading in the right direction and seeing this change progressing within the organization is encouraging them to expand their digital service offerings even more in the future. 

With Platform24 they can feel secure that once the doctors and medical secretaries are fully onboard using the digital channels when interacting with their patients, the next steps of increasing their services will not be as big of a change.

Given feedback

“Really good information about the process and how to set up the mobile and computer before the video interview started.”

Patient feedback

“The doctors were a bit skeptical at the start, but once they had tried the video consultation and gotten used to the setup they saw the benefits – also from the patient’s point of view.”

Staff feedback
Capio – The trusted partner in health

Doctors at Capio are recognized specialists, with many years of experience within their field of expertise. Capio offers examinations and treatments with advanced technological equipment, in modern surroundings.

  • Capio is one of Denmark’s largest private hospitals with the country’s largest center for advanced diagnostic imaging
  • Capio runs 6 hospitals nationwide
  • Capio has 700 employees 
  • The average patient grade is 4.8 out of 5.0
Capio Denmark

“Remember that cultural changes is 80% of the journey. Use gamification as a reward to keep the focus high in the organization after implementation. Involve Medical secretaries in the dialogues with the doctors. Identify your ambassadors in the organization, especially on the doctor’s side”

Nicolaj Bjerre Rasmusse, Digital Transformation Manager, Capio Privathospital

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