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Regional Care

Regional care focuses on providing localised healthcare services within specific geographic regions. The aim is to deliver accessible and tailored healthcare solutions to communities outside larger cities. It ensures access to healthcare and addresses unique needs within specific geographic areas.


Although regional care setups vary notably between countries, the shared challenges in regional care remain similar:

Limited resources and ageing population

Regional care providers often operate with constrained budgets and resources, leading to difficulties in meeting the growing healthcare demands of the ageing population.

Access to specialised services

Access to specialised medical services and treatments may be limited in certain regions, requiring patients to travel long distances or face long waiting times for specialised care.

Coordination and communication

Coordinating care across different healthcare providers and settings within the region can be complex, leading to fragmented care and challenges in sharing patient information effectively.

Technological adoption

Implementing and integrating digital health technologies and electronic health records across regional care settings can require substantial investments.

Platform24 solutions for Regional Care

Platform24 tackles the challenges within regional care by implementing innovative solutions and fostering collaborative healthcare approaches. This facilitates more accessible and efficient healthcare delivery in regional settings.

Limited resources and aging population

Platform24 enables regional care providers to optimise resource utilisation. Through our Front door solution, patients can easily access healthcare services digitally. Our self-service and triage functionalities help automate processes which allows healthcare providers to efficiently manage the growing healthcare demands of the ageing population.

Access to specialised services

The chat and video consultation module breaks down geographical barriers and reduces the need for patients to travel long distances for specialised care. By facilitating virtual consultations, patients can access specialised medical services remotely, minimising waiting times and improving accessibility.

Coordination and communication

The Platform24 suite includes tools for seamless coordination and communication among healthcare providers. With our digital platforms, healthcare professionals can easily share patient information, collaborate across different settings, and ensure continuity of care. This promotes a more integrated and coordinated approach to regional care.

Technological adoption

We focus on delivering a digital-first model, which aligns with the need for technological adoption in regional care. Our suite integrates digital health technologies and electronic health records, enabling healthcare providers to transition smoothly to digital platforms. This facilitates efficient data management, streamlines processes, and supports the implementation of digital health initiatives.

Enhanced access, improved coordination and optimised resource utilisation

Our digital-first approach enhances patient access, improves care coordination, and optimises resource utilisation, ultimately leading to more efficient and effective regional healthcare delivery.