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Say hello to management and board of directors


Daniel Lillienau

Daniel Lillienau

Co-founder and co-CEO

Tobias Perdahl

Co-founder and co-CEO

Kjersti Thornéus

Chief Product Officer

Charlotta Sköldemyr

Chief Financial Officer

Petter Wiberg

Chief Technical Officer

Rebecca Kastell

Chief People & Culture Officer

Gerda Nilsson Tjernström

Chief Customer Services Officer

Marijn Meuwese

Managing Director Netherlands and Germany

Stina Perdahl

Chief Medical Officer

Board of Directors

Anders Grudén

Chairman of the Board

Kristina Brandt

Board Member

Alexander Wennergren Helm

Board Member

Björn Nordenvall

Board Member

Kristina Patek

Board Member

Noah Walley

Deputy Board Member

Rasmus Nerman

Board Member

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