Healthcare Insurance

Healthcare insurance plays an important role in the healthcare ecosystem by integrating with care platforms and providers. They offer insurance plans that facilitate financial coverage for individuals and organisations, collaborating with healthcare providers to ensure access to medical treatments, consultations, and medications within their network.


Coordinating care and continuity

Healthcare insurance companies must coordinate care among providers for seamless transitions and continuity. Effective communication between professionals and policyholders is crucial for delivering comprehensive and well-coordinated care

Enhancing patient engagement

Healthcare insurance providers aim to enhance patient satisfaction by offering personalised, patient-centric care. This includes providing clear and accessible information, and leveraging digital health technologies to improve the overall patient experience.

Competing to get customers

There’s a high competition for customers in the healthcare insurance sector, which puts pressure on offering appealing coverage, competitive premiums, and innovative services to retain and attract customers.

Platform24 Solutions for Healthcare Insurance

Coordinating care and continuity

Our Front door solution enables easy access to healthcare services, facilitating effective coordination of care between different providers. In Remote Patient Monitoring and Pathways, healthcare providers can create care plans for patients over time, promoting continuity of care and enhancing the overall care experience for insurance customers.

Enhancing patient engagement and experience

With the Platform24 Self service and triage capabilities, processes can be automated while providing personalised care options. By offering accessible information, supporting shared decision-making, and leveraging digital health technologies like chat and video consultation, it enhances patient engagement and satisfaction.

Competing to get customers

With Platform24, providers get a competitive edge by being able to offer differentiated services under their own brand. You’re able to differentiate your offerings, attract customers with innovative services and provide enhanced coverage options. This helps you stay ahead in a competitive market and meet the evolving needs and expectations of your customers.

Enhancing care, engagement and competitive edge

Innovating towards an integrated and patient-focused approach, our digital solutions ensure an enhanced and customer-centric healthcare journey, enabling healthcare insurance providers to gain a competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.