The Platform24 product suite

We enable full health systems and large hospital networks to deliver digital health – at scale

Our suite includes all you need to shift your healthcare delivery to a digital-first model.

Patient Engagement
and Virtual Care
– with flexibility in mind

Our platform streamlines workflows, decreases the administrative burden and improves communication between clinicians, patients and other stakeholders, leading to enhanced service and the possibility for patients to control their own care journey.

Pick and mix among our products to solve your unique challenges.

What we offer

Adapted to your needs

All you need to shift your healthcare delivery to a digital-first model

Access with the Front Door

A safe and well-informed entry point to all care, increasing efficiency and improving patient experience

Automate through Self Service

High level of service while saving both time and resources

Interact with Consultation

Safe and easily accessible virtual communications with both patients and other caregivers.

Plan and monitor with Pathways

A way to track and share information in order to work preventively and cost-efficient.

Integrate with Connect

Integrate to all kinds of solutions and facilities.

Analyse with Insight

Measure, analyse and learn from detailed business insights


Mastering the fundamentals by being scalable, compliant & user friendly

MDR certified

GDPR-compliant data handling

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified

Accessibility work towards WCAG AA 2.1

100% EU-owned and located infrastructure

OWASP ASVS level 3 security

We dare to be personal

Patient & Clinician

Our platform is built with full flexibility, to support the needs of the most sophisticated payers and providers.

Patient engagement through empowerment

Our patient engagement platform puts the patient in control in a digital-first setting, improving clinic workflows and dramatically increasing accessibility, medical safety and efficiency.

Creating great workdays

We envision a world in which doctors, nurses and other caregivers are empowered by technology, not replaced by it. Our goal is to enable AI precision while maintaining a human touch, allowing clinicians to focus on what they do best: practicing medicine.

What can we do for you?

We are a company of customer-obsessed people. Just reach out, and you can see for yourself.