Front Door

Increase efficiency and improve patient engagement with a safe and well-informed entry point to all care.

One patient entry point to all care

Direct access to all parts of healthcare

Through Front Door, you can offer a holistic and personalised care journey. The patient can access insurance, e-health and pharmacies, without leaving the app.

For acute, elective and chronic flows.

Patient engagement and information sharing

Combine patient engagement and customised patient information to improve health outcomes.

  • Put the patient in control
  • Enable gamification
  • Connect to social media marketing platforms

Elevate the care experience with our Front Door

Platform24 Front Door is the key to unlocking a holistic care journey. It allows you to provide your patients with equal access to top-quality care, regardless of their location or unique needs.

Patient benefits

Save time and resources through automation

By allowing the patient to manage large parts of the administrative tasks themselves, you can devote your time to the patient interactions.

We help you do more with the resources you have.

Caregiver benefits

  • Less time spent on administration by allowing patients to manage scheduling, access their journals etc. themselves
  • Deliver more consistent and equal quality of care
  • Efficient way to share, collect and reuse patient data
  • Intuitive and easy to use interfaces

Plenty of use cases

The Front Door product contains many beneficial features for both patients and caregivers, aiming to simplify the digital care journey, and we are continuously working to improve the platform.

A selection of Front Door features

Seek care

Book/reschedule appointments

Chat with your clinician

Fill in forms and questionnaires

SSO links to other apps in the ecosystem

Get self-care advice

Report and follow health data

Tailor the Front Door to your needs with our white label solution

  • Configurable web, iOS, and Android application
  • Dynamic design system optimized for healthcare, adaptive to any brand
  • Open and integrated to the greater healthcare ecosystem
  • Engagement and personalization powered by user data

The Web app is a white-label application allowing customised layouts and offering continuous design upgrades.

It supports:

  • Multiple patient profiles (such as parent and child)
  • Central user home page
  • Care flow terminal 
  • Appointment and task management
  • Notifications and reminders
  • User profile settings and support

  • iOS/Android app base and release tooling
  • Seamless in-app browsing of external services

The Personalisation module provides truly personal patient experiences, showing only relevant information. Relevance can be based on, e.g., demographics, health history, or customised rules.

The Front Door Studio is a CMS currently being developed. It will provide an easy-to-use interface for smoothly changing the Front Door to your business needs and brand essentials.

A digital front door to healthcare in everyone’s pocket

“Healthcare has had a provider focus for far too long and becoming patient-oriented is no longer enough, it is time to wake up, embrace the digital revolution, and become mobile-first and truly user-centric.”

Kjersti Thorneus, CPO