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Front Door

Through the digital Front Door, you can provide your patients with a safe, well-informed and empowering care path, not only in-person but also digitally.

One patient entry point
to all care

For acute, episodic and chronic flows.

With the Platform24 digital Front Door you can offer your patients holistic and personalised care journeys. The patient is presented with relevant care information and data only needs to be typed in once. This increases efficiency and improves the patient experience.

  • Seamless
  • Relevant
  • Intelligent
  • Integrated
  • Adaptive

Next generation care plans

Patient centric & interactive

  • Relevant and personalised
  • Notifications
  • Proactive
  • Clear personal overview

Plenty of use cases

Selected Front Door features

  • Seek care
  • Book/reschedule appointments
  • Chat with your clinician
  • Fill in forms and questionnaires
  • SSO links to other apps in the ecosystem
  • Read self care advice
  • Report and follow health data

The Webb app is a white-label application allowing for customisable layout and comes with continuous design upgrades.

It supports:

  • Multiple patient profiles (such as parent and child)
  • Central user home page
  • Care flow terminal 
  • Appointment and task management
  • Notifications and reminders
  • User profile settings and support

  • iOS/Android app base & release tooling
  • Seamless in-app browsing of external services

The Personalisation module provides truly personal patient experiences, where only relevant information is shown. This can be based on things like demographics, health history or customised rules.

The Front Door Studio is a CMS that is currently being developed. It will provide an easy-to-use interface for smoothly changing the Front Door to your business needs, and brand essentials.

A digital front door to healthcare in everyone’s pocket

“Healthcare has had a provider focus for far too long and becoming patient-oriented is no longer enough, it is time to wake up, embrace the digital revolution, and become mobile-first and truly user-centric.”

Kjersti Thorneus, CPO