Self Service

Offer a high level of patient care while saving both time and resources with our self-service and automation support.

Efficient healthcare delivery
with Self-Service tools

Reduce time spent on administration

Get the right patients, at the right time, to the right resources

  • Simplify appointment scheduling and rebooking
  • Make sure the right patients are scheduled for care
  • Route patients to the appropriate level of available care

Enhance patient engagement

By empowering patients to manage aspects of their care journeys themselves, you can:

  • Decrease Administrative Burden: Streamline administrative processes.
  • Activate Patients: Encourage patients to actively manage their care journeys.
  • Reduce Waiting Times: Free up provider time for complex patient care needs.

Automate routine administration tasks by allowing the patients to perform them themselves – from anywhere

Quick and medically safe care through Self-Service

Our triage logic is based on established national triage protocols and is constantly evolving and improving.

Building blocks to adapt to your business needs

We understand that different businesses have unique requirements for medical questionnaire, triaging tools and routing of patients. That is why we offer both standardised and medically validated content that adheres to national protocols.

We offer you the flexibility to customise or create your own forms to meet your specific needs and the ability to create your own routing rules and mechanisms.

  • Change, tweak or build your own forms
  • Build your own business logics