Largest hospital provider in the Munich region relies on video consultation from Platform24

Digital initiative for easier access to medical care

April 16, 2024

München Klinik, Germany’s second largest municipal hospital, is expanding its service portfolio with immediate effect by introducing an innovative video consultation in specialist departments. The digitalisation initiative aims to facilitate access to medical care for patients in the region by enabling digital admission management, anamnesis and consultation hours, in areas such as aftercare. At the same time, it offers specialists the option of mobile and more flexible working. For the implementation, München Klinik opted for the tried-and-tested software solution from the leading Swedish telemedicine provider Platform24, which has its German office in Munich.

From preparation for hospitalization to aftercare

Daniel Bareau, Project Manager at the München Klinik, explains: Our slogan is “Medicine and care. At any time. There for you.”. The video consultation is intended to underpin this with tangible added value for patients and specialist staff. The range of functions therefore extends from digital appointment booking, automated questionnaires and chat function to audio and video calls. The solution we have chosen is TÜV certified and naturally complies with the high data protection guidelines in the sensitive medical field.”

One of the specialist departments involved is neonatology, which deals with the treatment of premature babies, among other things. After discharge from hospital, it is often necessary to continuously monitor vital parameters such as the child’s weight or body temperature for a certain period of time. Thanks to the video consultation, parents can now carry out such regular appointments from the comfort of their own home without having to forego direct contact with the care personnel. This option makes things considerably easier, especially for patients who have to travel long distances. The other specialist departments that will benefit from video consultations in future include neurology, accident surgery, gastroenterology, psychosomatics and the lung center.

Marc Bender, Head of Operations and Project Manager at Platform24, emphasizes: “Creating more time and efficiency for everyone involved through digitalisation is the core and aspiration of our software solution. The video consultation digitizes administrative processes and automates them where possible. Specialists can therefore devote their valuable time more efficiently to consult and treat their patients – and at the same time be more mobile and flexible in their day-to-day work.”

Field-proven and certified software

With Platform24, München Klinik is relying on the leading telemedicine provider in the Scandinavian region, which provides the telemedicine infrastructure for entire healthcare systems in the digital pioneer country of Sweden: 80% of privately insured patients and 50% of those with statutory health insurance are already users of the SaaS provider’s digital platform, on which the video consultation module plays an essential role in terms of hybrid healthcare. The video consultation is certified in accordance with the regulations of the statutory health insurance scheme (GKV) and the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung, KBV). All content during the entire transmission process is end-to-end encrypted in accordance with the requirements of the German Federal Office for Information Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik, BSI). In addition, the processing of personal patient data fulfills the applicable legal framework. The video consultation is integrated into the München Klinik website as a white label solution. Patients do not need any special technology; a screen, camera, microphone and prior registration are sufficient.

About Platform24
Platform24  is a HealthTech company developing digital solutions for seamless care to private and public healthcare providers and insurers. It holds a leading position in automatic triage to the right level of care, in complex flows and throughout the care chain, including solutions for remote patient monitoring and automated care planning. Platform24 is already the largest telemedicine provider in Scandinavia and provides the telemedicine infrastructure for entire healthcare systems in Sweden. The company is active in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany and the Netherlands and is expanding into other European markets. It employs over 150 people across.

For more information, contact:
Marc Bender ⎸ Head of Operations ⎸ Platform24 Germany

About München Klinik gGmbH
With clinics in Bogenhausen, Harlaching, Neuperlach, Schwabing and Europe’s largest dermatological clinic in Thalkirchner Straße, München Klinik gGmbH is Germany’s second largest municipal clinic and the largest and most important healthcare provider in the state capital of Munich. As a strong hospital group, it offers diagnostics and treatment for all illnesses in Munich and the surrounding area and enjoys an excellent reputation throughout Germany – with innovative and highly specialized medicine and care and at the same time as the first point of contact for basic medical care. On average, around 135,000 people receive inpatient and day-care treatment at the hospital every year. With over 6,000 births a year, the hospital is the centre for the most babies in Germany. München Klinik is also the city’s number one in emergency medicine: up to 160,000 people are admitted to the four emergency centres every year – this corresponds to around a third of all emergencies in the state capital. The clinics are either teaching hospitals of the Ludwig Maximilian University or the Technical University of Munich. With around 500 training places, the in-house nursing academy is the largest educational institution in the nursing sector in Bavaria. As a non-profit organization, München Klinik combines public services with outstanding medicine and places the common good at the forefront. In the MediCenter, patients can be examined and treated on an outpatient basis, just like in a doctor’s surgery. Experienced specialists from several disciplines work here under one roof. The MediCenter is located at Munchen Klinik Bogenhausen and works closely with the emergency centre. There is another branch practice at the clinic site of the München Klinik Harlaching.