April 15, 2024

Platform24’s valuable regional customer group meetings

April 15, 2024

Platform24 is proud to regularly organize regional customer group meetings, where Swedish healthcare regions can come together to discuss topics such as change management, digital transformation, how to set visions and targets, and more. As Platform24 is present in 19 out of 21 regions in Sweden, these meetings are a great opportunity for discussion and sharing of important experiences and learnings within the healthcare space.

Platform24 organizes digital customer group meetings once a quarter, and physical meetings once a year. We do this because we want to encourage sharing and cooperation, and believe that we can create better care for patients and a better working environment for healthcare professionals when we learn from each other.

Healthcare regions continue to invest in digitalization in 2024

During the previous meeting, which took place on February 6, 2024, several Swedish regions participated, including Region Gävleborg, Norrbotten, Västra Götalandsregionen, Sörmland, Västerbotten, Västmanland, Halland, Norrbotten and Jämtland Härjedalen, as well as Inera, a digitalization company owned by Swedish regions and municipalities. 

All regions that participated plan to invest as much or more in digitalization in 2024 than in previous years. This consensus to continue investing in digitalization clearly demonstrates the industry’s commitment to harnessing the potential of technology to deliver a better healthcare experience. 

Discussions focused on ongoing developments within the regions and Sweden as a whole. Västra Götalandsregionen shared their successful journey in remote patient monitoring and Region Gävleborg explained their insights on how to work with asynchronous chats for different healthcare specialities and practices.

The final session of the day consisted of a workshop on how to realize the benefits of digital care in a way that relieves the burden on the healthcare system. The participants discussed strategies and practical approaches to increase the use of digital tools in healthcare in a way that improves accessibility, resource utilization, as well as clinician and patient experience.

The power of gathering and learning from each other

Healthcare is constantly changing and evolving. Regular meetups create the opportunity to put our heads together, work with change and deliver the best possible care to patients. 

During the regional customer group meetings, it is clear how rewarding it is to bring together all regions, who often face similar challenges and opportunities. This forum allows not only for the exchange of experiences, but also for identifying improvement opportunities for both patients and staff.

One realization for me, after the discussions yesterday, is that there are many low-hanging fruits to increase the use and facilitate both patients and healthcare professionals, such as asynchronous messaging where Region Gävleborg has done very well and shared their experiences. “Sharing these good examples, both internally and externally, is incredibly important and value-creating, both for the regions and for us as a supplier, says Vanja Ericson-Engvall, Account Director på Platform24.

We at Platform24 look forward to continued meetings and collaborations to drive successful digitalization in healthcare!

Written by

Josephine Risberg

Head of Marketing