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We have an uncompromising focus on making every day better for both patients and clinicians.

To accomplish this, we build digital platforms for unbroken care chains, outstanding availability and increased efficiency.

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We have an uncompromising focus on making every day better for both patients and clinicians.

Patiëntbetrokkenheid door empowerment

Ons platform geeft de patiënt controle in een digitale settin en vergroot de toegankelijkheid, veiligheid en efficiëntie van zorg.

Meer tijd en aandacht voor patiënten die dat nodig hebben.

We geloven in een wereld waarin naast patiënten ook artsen, verpleegkundigen en andere zorgverleners ondersteund worden door technologie. Ons doel is de zorg te digitaliseren waar dat kan, zonder het menselijke aspect te verliezen, zodat zorgverleners meer tijd en aandacht kunnen besteden aan de patiënten die dat nodig hebben.

Our products

Front Door

Through the Patient Front Door, you provide your patients with a safe and empowering digital care path. Our Front Door offers an omnichannel patient engagement strategy, covering all aspects of digital patient interactions that surround the point of care.

Self Service

Through our well proven self-service and automation support, patients gain control over their own care journeys, and providers save precious time and staff resources.


Securely connecting patients with their care providers and facilitating collaboration between clinicians.


Pathways is a tool designed for planned care. It enables monitoring and follow-up for temporary as well as chronic outpatient care.


Make the virtual care platform your own. Adapt the solution to fit your specific business goals and needs, by integrating with the services you prefer.

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