Regional newspaper ÖP: “Corona outbreaks accelerate digital health centers”

marts 24, 2020

From ÖP 2020-03-24:

“The spread of the coronavirus has accelerated the opportunities for county residents to receive digital help from health centers.

Primary care manager Anna Granevärn sees this as a necessary measure in an extreme situation.

– It is incredibly important that people dare to seek care when they need it and in recent weeks we have seen that more and more people cancel booked visits for fear of becoming ill, she says.

A few weeks ago, ÖP reported on pilot projects in the county that would increase citizens’ access to care with the help of digital tools. These would be tested in different places and in slightly different ways depending on what the situation looked like in, for example, Sveg, Strömsund or Frösön and central Östersund. Then came the outbreak of the new coronavirus, which is now classified as a pandemic. A global plague.

On Monday, the doors of the health centers began to be locked. As of today, 19 March, everyone who lives in Jämtland County can contact a district nurse via 1177 with the help of their bank ID.

– It has gone incredibly fast. A week ago, I was commissioned to create a fast track for a digital channel available to all citizens, says Anna Granevärn. ”

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