Remote patient monitoring: Measuring blood pressure

This page is intended for those who are enrolled in a self-monitoring plan that includes blood pressure measurement in Platform24. Here you will find instructional videos and support material that can help you perform your blood pressure measurement.

Please note that the material on this page is adapted to the blood pressure monitors Omron M2 Intelli IT, Omron M4 Intelli IT and Omron M7 Intelli IT. If you use a blood pressure monitor other than these, there may be differences in the design of the monitor and how you use it.

Instructional videos

(1:31 min)

The blood pressure monitor

This video provides a brief overview of the blood pressure monitor that you use to measure your blood pressure.

(2:19 min)

Pairing your blood pressure monitor with the app

This video describes how to pair your blood pressure monitor with the Platform24 app before your first blood pressure measurement.

(2:52 min)

Measure your blood pressure

This video describes how to measure your blood pressure using your blood pressure monitor and the Platform24 app. You also get information about what you need to consider before starting your measurement.

Step-by-step guides

Frequently asked questions

Which app should I use and where can I download it?

Does the app work without an internet connection?

What do I do if the app stops working?

What happens if I take a blood pressure measurement before pairing my blood pressure monitor with the app?

Do I need to pair the meter with the app again after changing the batteries in it?

What should I do if my mobile phone/tablet is broken or no longer available?

My blood pressure monitor displays an error message. How do I troubleshoot and fix this?

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