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The Medical Content team

And product validation

Who we are

Tobias Perdahl

Chief Medical Officer

Nina Pettersson

Acting Engineering Manager

Stina Perdahl

Product Manager och Medical Content Director

Åsa Holmgren

Technical Lead


Annika Svenner

Specialist General Surgery

Britta Söderström

Specialist General Practice

Carl Johan Molin


Christopher Eck Rakovic


Daniel Farhoudi

Specialist General Practice

Hanna Rohani

Licensed Psychologist

Martin Balsvik


Nina Petersson Edéus

Specialist Internal Medicine

Petra Jannhans


Sanna Siljeholm

Specialist General practice

Stina Perdahl

Specialist General practice

Åsa Holmgren

Technical developer

QA Engineer

Marie-Louise Johansson

Data Scientist

Matilda Eriksson

What we do

Regulatory and Quality assurance

  • Clinical guidance in Clinical evaluation of all platform24 products
  • Clinical and medical guidance in development risk analyses in all platform24 products
  • In charge of medical incidents and non-conformities in the product
  • Implementation Risk analyses
  • Quality assurance of all medical content


  • Educate partners on how the medical content is built and executed
  • Education of partners in how to create medical content in Content24
  • Consult on how to design medical flows

Medical content product

  • Update to latest guidelines based on RGS web
  • Improve the medical content based on input from  clinical evaluation, users and data-analyses
  • Create new medical content 
  • Add search-terms and link to correct questionnaire
  • Recommendation texts
  • Create the short summary of user’s answers to practitioner
  • SelfCare advices 
  • Assessments including healthdata codes
  • Translate and validate the translation of the medical content

Ways of working:

  • Medical safety and accuracy first
  • Software Development process, according to MDR standards
  • Risk analysis processes
    – development risk analysis
    – implementation risk analysis
  • 4 (-8) eyes principle
    – depending on risk assessment of development
  • Medical specialist sign-off
    Allways external consultants when needed
  • Regression testing/Release-testing
  • Weekly statistic reports/ postmarket surveillance
  • Incident  and non-conformity processes

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